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DPS Amaravati

Kindergarten Admission

It is a stage when your toddler is curious about everything around him.At the Kindergarten level, we follow the MapleBear Canadian Preschool Curriculum. This approach seeks to sensitize toddlers to the learning environment, by reaching out to their intelligence and understanding their unique talents.

Toddlers are quick to learn things through their interaction with the environment around them. Which is why, we introduce experiential learning at this early stage itself. This nurtures their curiosity and helps develop their cognitive and analytical skills.

Fun is an important aspect of learning for tiny tots. The Toy room and indoor-outdoor play area, splash pool, etc., are present in the school. So we ensure that there isn’t a dull moment in their day at DPS Amaravati. A pleasing kindergarten environment is induced that nurtures your child’s curiosity.

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