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DPS Amaravati

Primary Admission


The primary school is a budding stage for the children and everything around them feels like an adventure. DPS Amaravati lays special emphasis on these formative years and exposes the little children to activities that mean steady and concrete development. Object Talk, Show and Tell Group Discussions, Thematic Representations, Articulate Reading and Handwriting, worksheets, assignments, projects, etc., are formulated keeping in mind the different learning capabilities of children. In addition, there are multifarious and out of the box activities that create a sense of imagination and innovation among children. To make learning an exciting process, a thematic integrated approach is implemented. Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Methodology aids in children learning things in a paced manner which is intrinsic to them. Skills of Inquiry, analysis, and critical thinking along with strong communication skills are achieved through age appropriate research based projects which help in smoothly upgrading from class to class. It also makes learning an enjoyable process.

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